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Unconditional support along your unique path through the 4th trimester


Sleepy Baby

-a big heart and an extra set of hands-

Postpartum doulas give guidance to families navigating the 4th trimester. By providing non-medical support, quality evidence-based information, community referrals, and non-judgmental companionship, your doula will allow you to settle more easily into life with your newborn.  

With a nourishing meal, light housework, infant feeding support, adjustment help for siblings and/or pets, your doula will make the 4th trimester transition more smoothly for you and your family. 



Hi, I'm Carmen Stramara, Postpartum Doula

I am a postpartum doula currently serving the Aliso Viejo and greater Orange County communities. My life has had me move often, helping to refine the skill of creating community all over the world. I respect and value individual choice and traditional wisdom and hope to help use these values to guide new families in finding their own unique journey in this well-worn path of parenthood. You weren't meant to do it alone, I'm happy to be here by your side.

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